Friday, 20 March 2009

Descendants of Joseph Stokes & Ann Adams

If you know that you are descended from Joseph Stokes who married Ann Adams at Mt Barker in 1846, then I want to hear from you. Or, if you know that you are related to Samuel Stokes who was born at Birmingham, WKS who married Elizabeth Blocksidge, then I want to hear from you too. I am presently writing a history of my particular brand of STOKES, and would like to include as much information as possible. This project will be produced electronically with all credit for assistance included. If you can help, please email me on as soon as you can. It is hoped that I will have this project completed by the end of the year, but I can't do it all on my own - I need the help of other relatives - so if you are one, then please contact me.

Simpson Book

I am currently in the third editing stage of my book on the life of my ancestor Walter Simpson and I hope to have the book finished by mid-year ready for publishing. If you know that you are a descendant of Walter Simpson who was born at Battersea in 1801 and who married Mary Ann Scammell, then I need to hear from you as soon as possible. You can email me at with any details or photographs you may wish to have included. Anything of interest will be gratefully received and all assistance will be credited in the finished work.

Sunday, 6 January 2008

Latest Addition

Phoebe Brianna Rees-Stokes made her entrance into the world at 11:05am yesterday morning (5 Jan 2008), weighing 2530 grams (5lb 9ozs).

Mum and baby are doing fine, dad survived the birth (so did the god mother).

Saturday, 9 June 2007


Matthew Clifford born 1819 Cricklade, Wiltshire, ENG and baptised 6 Aug 1819 at Highway near Calne, Wiltshire, ENG married in June 1843 at Cricklade, Wiltshire to Anne Franklin. Anne was born in 1818 and baptised at All Cannings, Wiltshire on 29 Sept 1822, the daughter of George Franklin & Sarah Hamlyn. Matthew's parents were William Clifford & Deborah Williams. Matthew & Anne migrated to South Australia in 1850 aboard Lysander. Their embarkation order states "Matthew Clifford, his wife & 2 children have gone to friends" - I have no idea who the friends were.

A sister of Matthew's - Tryphenia Clifford married George Beer and also migrated, but was already in South Australia when Matthew & Anne arrived - perhaps they were the friends referred to on Matthew's embarkation order.

The family lived at Langhorne Creek and Mt Barker, and after Matthew's death, Anne moved to Hatherleigh in the south east of the state to her son Thomas's home. Matthew died on 22 August 1863 at Mt Barker and was buried at Langhorne Creek. Anne died on 20 September 1906 at Hatherleigh and was buried at Penola cemetery.

Matthew & Anne Clifford had seven children -

George 1844-1845 - buried in Calne, Wiltshire.
Sarah Anne 1848-1896 married Frederick Joseph Stokes and lived at Wistow & Mt Barker and had 4 children.
Thomas 1849-1920 married Ann Veal and moved to Bellum Bellum near Penola - 7 children.
Ellen Harriet 1851-1915 lived/had a long term relationship with George Powell Rumbellow (who was already married) and had 13 children by him - some carry his name, but most were known as Cliffords. She also had a relationship with a John Locke and had a child by him as well.
Jane 1856-1901 married William Jennings and moved to Pt Adelaide where she had 11 children.
unnamed daughter 1857-1857
George 1858-1865 buried at Mt Barker Springs.


John Skinner born c 1836 in England, married in Adelaide on 29 May 1861 to Ann Saunders (daughter of Richard Saunders & Rebecca Jones). They had 7 children. John died 23 May 1896 at Hope Valley and Ann died at some time after 1896.

Their children were:-

Lydia Ann Skinner 1862-1935, married Joseph Henry Stow and had 8 chidldren - Lydia May, Edgar Joseph, Eva Alice, Henry James, Ivy Maud, Walter Gordon, Leonard Edward & Violet Maud.

Emily Elizabeth 1863-1952, married to John Duffy in 1912. They had no children. both are burried at Curramulka on York Peninsula.

William Henry 1866-1939, married to Selina Jane Coleman in 1890 and had 7 children - William Henry Thomas, Hurtle Edward Horace, Harrold Ethelbert James, Dorothy Irene Blackwell, Miriam Hessie, Arthur Lindsay Claremont and Hazel Lavinia Pearl.

Harriet Maria 1868-1869.

Edward Thomas 1870-1938, never married.

Eliza Jane 1872-? nothing more known.

Alice May 1875-1956, married in 1894 to William Thomas Whiting and had 2 children Albion William and Alick Leslie.

COCK Family

William Cock baptised 26 Nov 1808 St Agnes near Truro, Cornwall, married to Mary George on 27 May 1833 also at St Agnes.

I don't know if they came to South Australia or not, but certianly their two daughters Susan and Elizabeth did.

Susan was born in 1835 and baptised at St Agnes near Truro on 3 May 1835. She married Leonard Hillman on 6 March 1866 at St James' Church, Blakiston, SA. Susan died on 15 October 1934 at Callington and was buried there as well. Susan & Leonard Hillman had 7 children:-

Charlotte Victoria 1867 (twin); Elizabeth Jane 1867 (twin); Selina 1868-1949; Alice Maude 1875-1950; William Leonard 1877-1878; Walter John 1884-1968; and a still born son in 1888.

Charlotte never married and died at home as a young woman.
Elizabeth Jane married William James Hunt and had two children Leonard Henry & Elfrieda Jane.
Selina Jane married Thomas Stevens and had no children.
Alice Maude married Phillip Clonan and had 10 children - Gladys; Kathleen; Doris Veronica; Christopher John; James; Phillip Leonard; William Lawrence; Walter Aubrey; Norah & Frank.
Walter John married Hannah Elizabeth Morley and had children Kenneth Horace; Kathleen Millicent & Marjorie Lorraine.

Elizabeth was baptised at the same place as her sister on 7 March 1838.

I have found no record of the parents migrating to SA, but the two girls Susan & Elizabeth came out in 1850 on the Emma Sherratt.

Monday, 22 January 2007


Timothy Coleman born 1799 Bedwelty, Monmouthshire, Wales married Ann Williams born 1803 Bedwelty, Monmouthshire in 1824 at Bedwelty. They had 5 children:-

Hannah 1831-? married William Esmand
Mary 1835-?
David 1839-1915 married Ann Selina Maplesden - 11 children
Emma 1847-1885 married Alfred William Beard - 5 children
Esther 1848-1885

Hannah Coleman was born, married, lived and died in Bedwelty, Monmouthshire

Mary was born in Aberystruth, Wales

David was born in Aberystruth, Wales and died in Adelaide, SA. He married in 1864 at Kapunda, SA - see Maplesden posting for his children.

Emma was born in Aberystruth, Wales, married in Wallaroo, SA and died in Cobar, NSW. Her husband was born in Hobart, TAS and died in Bourke, NSW. They moved back and forth between NSW, SA, QLD and TAS during their lives, with several of the 5 children being born in different states.

Esther was born in Aberustruth in 1848 and died there in 1885


Descendants of Samuel Thiele born 1781 Harthe, Kries Zullichau-Schwiebus, Prussia and Anna Rosina Schulz born Posen, Prussia. Samuel and Anna migrated to South Australia in 1838 aboard the ship Prince George with the group of Lutheran refugees who migrated with Captain Hahn and Pastor Kavel. Their 4 sons came with them. One son was already married prior to migration, the other three were not.

Johann Christian Thiele born 1809 Harthe, Prussia died 1881 Hahndorf, SA married prior to migration to Johanne Dorothea Zuenert nee Klenke 1805-1887 and had 4 children:-

Johanne Luise 1839-? married Johann Wihelm Hausler
Johann Wilhelm 1840-? married Caroline Maria Martha Kruger
Johann Gotlieb 1843-1845
Johann August 1846-? married Johanne Eleanore Paech

Johann Friedrich Thiele born 1812 Harthe, Prussia died 1886 Hahndorf, SA married 1839 Hahndorf to Anna Dorothea Schmidt and had 13 children:-

Johann Gottfried 1841-1924 married 1) Rebecca Simpson - 5 children 2) Johanne Pauline Reugner - 1 child
Johann Christian 1843-? married Anna Dorothea Klenke - 12 children
Johanne Luise 1844-1932 married Johann Friedrich Wilhelm Thiele - 9 children
Johanne Eleanore 1847-? married Friedrich Siegismund Schneemilch - 13 children
Johanne Dorothea 1848-?
Caroline Ernestina 1851-1903 married Phillip Skelly
Ernst 1853-1917
Maria Amalia 1852-1875 married Heinrich August Haebich - 2 children
Anna Dorothea 1856-? married Johann Wilhelm Paech - 8 children
Martha 1854-1925 married Johann Anton Wilhelm Greve - 6 children
Lydia 1858-1915 married Johann August Bretag - 12 children
Augusta Emma 1860-1861
Hulda 1863-1927 married Ernst Heinrich Schubert

Johann Wilhelm Thiele born 1819 Harthe, Prussia died 1909 Hahndorf, SA married 1939 Eleanore Henriette Lubasch and had 12 children:-

Johanne Luise 1839-1921 married Johann Wilhelm Haeusler - 1 child
Johanne Caroline 1842-1885 married Carl August Schubert - 5 children
Johann Gottlob 1843-? married Johanne Caroline Paech - 9 children
Eleonore Henriette 1844-? married Carl August Friedrich Wilhelm Schutz - 4 children
Johann August 1846-1910 married Johanne Eleanora - 2 children
Johann Wilhelm 1846-1925 married Martha Pauline Hausler - 7 children
Carl August 1851-1901 married Johanne Pauline Maczkowiack - 10 children
Johanne Emilie Bertha 1849-1964 - never married
Johann Friedrich 1850-1925 married Auguste Pauline Lydia Bottroff - 13 children
Gustave 1852-1917 married Pauline Elisabeth Liebelt - 10 children
Hermann Rienhold 1854-1854
Johann Ferdinand 1856-1856

Johann August Thiele born 1832 Harthe, Prussia died Hahndorf 1896 married 1856 to Johanna Luise Thiele 1836-1907 - 11 children :-

Johann Friedrich August 1857-1857
August Eduard 1859-1859
Johanne Louisa Bertha 1860-1861
Hermann August Edmund 1862-1941 married Maria Louise Liebelt - 2 children
Emma Thiele 1865-1901 married James Hillman - 8 children
Augusta Lydia 1867-1938 married Johann Gottlieb Hermann Paech - 2 children
Ferdinand Heinrich 1869-1921 married Johanne Caroline Wilhelmine Otto - 8 children
Johanne Maria Martha 1871-? married Friedrich Christian Schaeffer - 6 children
Louisa Bertha 1874-1947 married John Guerin - 3 children
Carl Reinhold 1876-1897
Johann Oswald 1879-? married Auguste Berthe Liebelt - 10 children


Hans Heinrich Reimers born 1878 Politz, Mecklenberg, Prussia died 1863 Dry Creek, SA married before 1820 in Prussia to Catharina Maria Margaretta Wegner born 1795 in Prussia and died 1868 at Tin Pot, SA. They had three children and arrived in SA aboard the ship Australia in 1849.

Johann Friedrich Wilhelm 1820-1879. Johann married unknown - 1 daughter
Catharina Maria Dorothea Henrika 1824-1912 married Hans Heinrich Stein - 5 children
Johann Hienrich 1831-1893 married Anna Elisabetha Friedericke Keppert - 8 children

Johann Friedrich Wilhelm Reimers 1820-1879 married unknown & had 1 child:-

Johanne Augusta 1857-? married 1879 VIC to Friedrich Wilhelm Boehm

Catharina Maria Dorothea Henrika 1824-1912 married Hans Heinrich Stein and had 5 children:-

Carl Gustav Johann Stein 1849-1850
Catherine Dorothea Wilhelmina 1851-? married Johann Wilhelm Jacobsen
Anna Catharina Maria 1853-1926 married Carl Ernest Albert Gehrike
Johann Heinrich Wilhelm 1854-?
Dietrich Adolph 1856-1934 married Josepha Maria Braendler

Johann Heinrich 1831-1893 married Anna Elisabetha Friedericke Keppert and had 8 children:-

Wilhelm 1860-1886
Carl Hermann 1862-1928 married 1) Hulda Magdelena Dorothea Jaensch 2) Eleanore Bertha Bartsch
Martha Louisa 1865-? married Johann Ernst Hermann Kutzer
Louis Henry 1867-?
Dora Adela 1869-? married Richard Max Schlegel
Eda Amalie Matilda 1877-? married Gustav Hermann Wirth
Evelyn Theresa Hulda 1883-?
Anna Maria Friedericke married Albert Rudolf Thiele


Johann Joseph Braendler was born 1814 Fuerstenau, Prussia and died 1907 Monarto South, SA. He married Phillipine Pietsch before 1838 in Prussia and arrived in SA aboard the ship Adele in 1857. They had 9 children:-

Anna Augusta 1838-1934 married August Wilhelm Philip Baum and had 9 children
Augustus Guido 1843-1925 married Johanne Louise Caroline Paech and had 8 children
Ewald Carl Paul 1845-1873 married Johanne Wilhelmine Martha Tepper and had no children
Johanne Emilie 1846-1916 married Johann Christoph Liebelt and had 8 children
Paul 1850-1937 married Martha Paech and had 9 children
Josepha Maria 1856-1929 married Dietrich Adolph Stein and had 10 children
Alfred 1860-?
Johanne Elspeth 1861-1964
Carl August 1863-1933 married Ann Pauline Schubert and had 3 children